DWP announce changes to funeral payments

The Department for Works and Pensions, DWP, announced today, 17th July 2019, that there will be changes made to the way it handles funeral expenses payments, which should help grieving families get help to meet funeral costs.

The press release states that "Previously, a Funeral Expense Payment claim could not be processed without a confirmed date for the funeral to take place, which could lead to longer waiting times for payments to be processed. Today we’re announcing a change, where families will now be able to make a claim with an estimated funeral date, providing that other key information is supplied."

It goes on to add "Recent improvements mean that instead of a final invoice – which is usually received after the funeral – families can instead supply a funeral director contract as an indication of funeral cost. This evidence can be submitted to the Bereavement Support team in advance of a funeral, therefore ensuring earlier access to financial support."

More can be read about the changes on the Governments website - DWP Funeral expenses changes

This change may help local authorities to assist families in making funeral arrangements instead of the Council having to take on those arrangements as a statutory funeral.

David Lockwood, Public Sector Development Manager from Finders International welcomed the move as long overdue and added "this is a positive step forwards but the case remains that many cannot afford a basic funeral for their loved ones and that duty is passed on to hard pressed local authorities, surely it is time for Government to consider a mandatory contribution to National Insurance that pays a sum of money towards a basic funeral for each person?"

Finders International support local authorities in cases where a person dies with no estate and no next of kin via their charitable Funeral Fund. This fund is only open to public authorities to claim fom. Details can be found on the Finders International website here.