The case was referred to us by a local Council who had been dealing with the lady’s finances, but knew of no family who could deal with the estate and the funeral arrangements.

Although the deceased had lived in the area for many years, she was originally from Lancashire and this is where the majority of her family had remained. A widow, with no issue or siblings, we quickly got in touch with her 9 remaining cousins and cousins once-removed, including one in Australia and one in America. Within a few weeks, one of her cousins had agreed to act as Administrator and appointed a firm recommended by Finders in their area.

As the beneficiaries had not been in touch with the Deceased for many years and were miles from where she had passed away, they did not feel able to take on the potential complications and responsibility of arranging a funeral in an unknown area. Our recommended solicitors however, being well versed in dealing with cases of this type, were able to register the death by declaration and instructed a funeral director to arrange the burial. We were also able to notify the rest of the family members, so that they were given the opportunity to attend. This meant that the beneficiaries had a solicitor local to them and, yet the funeral could be dealt with promptly and efficiently, with the family’s involvement.